Our Team

Caren Siau (Lil Faculty)

Bachelor of Business

Certificate in Montessori Workshop by Modern Montessori International (London)

While leading the Mandarin Lighthaus Preschool and Enrichment Centre @ Desa Sri Hartamas, the joy and experience in teaching, developing and implementing the mandarin language syllabus is truly fulfilling. At Mandarin Lighthaus, we instill children’s interest for mandarin (even those from non- mandarin background), build their confidence and joy in learning the language. I am proud to say that the results are very encouraging! We have graduates who showed great confidence, have transited successfully and are doing well in established primary schools. Our Mandarin Lighthaus enrichment students have also obtained high scores in their international level Han Yu examination.

Caren Siau
Bachelor of Business
As a mother of 2 and an early childhood educator, I am glad that I got the chance to make a difference in a child’s life.

Apart from learning their ABCs, 123s and excelling in education, I strive to build our little ones’ character, develop their capability and interest to learn, provide them with a good and strong foundation for their future. What’s equally important for the young child is to learn independence, team work and be able to contribute to the society.
I acknowledge and reckon the importance to maintain a good command of English and Mandarin in a inspiring environment, therefore the idea of Lil’ Faculty is born. With one vision in mind, which is to provide an inspiring and stimulating place where children have the freedom to INQUIRE, THINK and LEARN.

James Boo (Lil Elitehouse)

Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology

Certificate in Montessori Workshop by Modern Montessori International (London)

James offers us a great vast of experience in the early childhood education industry for more than 7 years. He graduated in Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in Taiwan in 2009 and started off his career path in Taiwan immediately as a teacher and subsequently as a Mandarin Teacher in well-known preschool in Malaysia. In 2012, James led the start- up project of our Mandarin Lighthausm Ppre school in Desa Sri Hartamas. Being the pioneer team member, he showed great leadership, dedication and commitment in delivering outstanding management skills in the field of curriculum development to managing the school..

James Boo
Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology
“When I was pursing my studies in Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in Taiwan, I read a lot of researches on the thesis of “There is no doubt that early experience influences later development.” Therefore, I strongly believe that in order to maintain an individual’s mental health, you have to start developing and nurturing the individual during his/her childhood years. As a result of my belief, I dedicated myself into children development work. I know that by giving a positive developmental environment and education will have a positive impact to a child’s development growth. My passion in teaching young children is beyond my imagination when I began to witness the positive progress of the child’s development. The outcome is very rewarding and I can’t stop enjoying the positive results of seeing children’s development and growth. I am “addicted” to this rewarding experience in teaching. The experience is like planting a seed in good soil, nurturing it and hoping that it will flourish one day. Subsequently, I love and enjoy the process of “planting the seed”. No matter what the outcome is, the process of nurturing must be conducted with love, hope and passion.”

Wong Mei Jean (Lil Ones)

Bachelor of Science Economics (University of London)

International Diploma In Montessori Pedagogy (Montessori Centre International)

Certificate in Child Development & Family Studies (Pam Arnold College)

I started working with young children during my teenage years by providing after school tutoring service. While waiting for my pre-university academic results, I worked in a kindergarten and a primary school. All these experiences gradually mould my love and passion of working with children. After obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Economics and spending 5 years in the banking industry, I found myself constantly revisiting my passion and love when working with children. I was missing the joy of working with children.

Wong Mei Jean
Bachelor of Science Economics (University of London)
International Diploma In Montessori Pedagogy (Montessori Centre International)

With a new goal in mind, I left the banking industry and pursued my dream job in Year 2000. I worked in a well-known and established kindergarten in the Klang Valley and was assigned as the principal for a period of 10 years. After delivering my youngest child, I was also managing an infant care centre during second half of the day which cares for babies as young and tender as 3 months old.

I was fascinated with Dr. Maria Montessori teachings and used the method to apply in my teachings. I can see significant progress in children from all walks of lives especially children with learning difficulties. This observation and experience motivated me to take up The International Diploma In Montessori Pedagogy from the Montessori Centre International.

Then in Year 2013, I joined Lil’ Ones Montessori Preschool as a Principal. I am truly blessed with a loving, experienced and united team of teachers who have hearts and love for children. We believe in preparing a stimulating environment that aids our children in developing an excellent foundation for happy and life long learners. The journey as an educator and coach has been truly inspiring and rewarding. I continue looking forward to a nurturing, fruitful and happy learning experience with all our little ones.

Keith Chua (Mathlink & Lil Faculty Resource Manager)

Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (MEng) (Imperial College London)

Imperial College London

Keith holds a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (MEng) in Imperial College London. His passion towards numbers since young has driven & inspired him to constantly achieving Distinctions/Merits in all the figure related subjects which include Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Thinking Skills during the course of his educational life.

Kee Aik
Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (MEng) in Imperial College London

Since the sophomore year of his undergraduate course, he has been very actively involved in many projects that require a high degree of analytical skills.
He understands the importance of mathematics and believes that young learners’ future understanding of mathematics requires an early foundation based on a high-quality, challenging, and accessible mathematics education.

“Math and numbers serves as a base in most of the things we do in life and is an important skill that all should possess. I believe that the passion and love for numbers should be instilled since young as childhood is one of the most critical development stages. I had the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of numbers related programs when young, Mental Arithmetic included and found them to be very helpful not only in budding my interest in math, but also academically.

I hope to be able to motivate and instill the same passion I have in younger students as I believe this is a very important foundation for them. Having been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to do so in the Mathlink Program, I hope to be able to nurture and provide an enriching learning experience to the following generation.”