Parent Testimonials


“Mandarin Lighthouse has been instrumental to our kids’ early education. I’ve never been more satisfied and grateful with Mandarin Lighthouse approach of inculcating love towards knowledge for the values of it; which I believe is more sustainable; without losing focus on academic performance i.e. equally important.

Mandarin Lighthouse provides a platform for kids to learn in their own unique and distinctive ways. Coming from a non-chinese speaking background, I’m truly amazed by my kids’ grasp of mandarin and how much they love to go to school…I can’t thank Mandarin Lighthouse enough…Thank You Laoshi!!”


— Lin, Mother of darin and feizal

8th October, 2015

Darin is currently studying at SRJK (C) Chung Kwok, in primary one and doing well in most areas, and she scored highest for her Mandarin paper, among all the subjects during her assessment.

Feizal is currently studying at Mandarin Lighthaus Mandarin Montessori Preschool at Desa Sri Hartamas, age 4.



“Lil Ones Montessori is truly my son’s second home. And take this from a working mum who suffers from a huge separation anxiety for being away from her child. But knowing he is there gives me the confidence to go through the day. They are super kind, professional, honest, accommodating, take special care of him with a personal touch and really focus on his development. Thank you from the depth of my heart.”


-Samar (Omar’s mom )

November 2015

“Sam joined Lil’ Ones when he was just over 1 year old and this allowed me to go back to work. I admit that I was worried to send Sam at such an early age. But Miss Aiza& Miss Hani are very caring and understand my concerns. They send me frequent updates by photo of how Sam is at school, I appreciated this greatly. We can tell how much Sam is attached to his teachers. He cannot tell us how he spends his time over there but we can tell he is very happy by looking at photos of him.”
Can we please have Ms. Tammy’s email. Would love to send her a quick note.

Thanks again!.

– Hitomi (Sam’s mom)

November 2015

“My son Gabriel has been with the school since April this year. I had little expectations of him and was only hoping that he’ll enjoy school in the good company of teachers and friends. I was pleasantly surprised that he picked up words fairly quickly within the first few weeks in school.
He’s an active boy and Lil Ones gives him that avenue and space to expanse out his energy while being guided and nurtured in a safe environment. I’m contented with the school and my son’s progress thus far. “


-Michele Yeo, (Gabriel’s mommy)

November 2015


“We have a son, Masato and he was sent to Lilones from 18 months to 3 1/2 year old. During the two years our son was well looked after in many ways. Good program with fun learning, Extra activities like Gym and Art program. Food is well balanced and Principal was very supportive in child development both physically and emotionally. If I have another child, I would send to Lil Ones again. “


-Kana (Masato’s Mum)

November 2015

“My son Arsen has been attending Lil’ Ones Montessori school in Mont Kiara since June 2012 Our experience is very positive. It is probably the only school that takes care of little children during the whole day, especially for busy parents who are trying to keep the balance between work and life. We have discovered many positive benefits that school provides like meals during the day, personal hygiene for children, very friendly staff, and various classes for child development like drama and art classes, several languages taught to children with great exposure to English communication skills and many more, very hard to mention everything in a short paragraph. The management of the school is very friendly, flexible and always eager to listen to positive suggestions, excellent reaction and communication to parents if any serious infections are spreading around. The school is very international and respects various cultures and religions. And I should mention many good friends my son has made over the 1.5 years. At the end of the day, I am very happy when people who meet my son for the first time be it a doctor or a colleague from work, notice how well developed my child is for his age. And I think I must give a credit to my son’s school and for the hard work they put behind the scenes.”



(Full time employee at Schlumberger Oilfield Services in Malaysia)

August 2015 – Arsen has just graduated AT Lil’ Ones Montessori Preschool @ Mont’ Kiara, age 5 years old, from Kazakhstan.


“We wanted to update you that we received confirmation from Garden International school for Anirudh. 13-Sept will be his last day of school in Lil’ Ones Montessori. I am very happy to share with you that the assessing teacher at Garden International School said he had a very good foundation for Year-1 and praised his kindergarten education. Please pass on our appreciation to your team of teachers.”


September 3rd, 2013