International Mandarin Preschool

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Children have a remarkable inborn aptitude for learning languages at a young age, and this becomes even easier when they are having fun. We capture the attention, interest and enthusiasm of your child whilst laying the foundations for fluency in Mandarin as they grow and develop.

Mandarin Lighthaus is an effective, vibrant and fun Mandarin academy that offers proven effective Mandarin Montessori Preschool and Mandarin enrichment programs.

Our international Chinese program is proven very effective and able to provide a strong, solid foundation that is essential in the quest for language mastery and also providing smooth transition for any children preparing to enter Primary/Grade one in any International or Chinese school.

For continuation program, our enrichment program for children up to 12 years old builds a much stronger, long-lasting ground/platform and passion for the Chinese Language; molding them to excel in Speech and Communication, Read and Understanding, Creative Writing and Culture Appreciation. It is widely Worldwide which includes USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China Mainland in established international and private schools and learning institutions.

Our program enables children to learn Mandarin and the Chinese culture in an interactive and engaging setting. Our Mandarin program is set in a structured, Mandarin based language learning environment with recognition and understanding of words, reading, writing, dramatic play, art and craft, story telling, games, music, singing, and many more. It’s language learning with a difference and designed for families of all nationalities.

“…as a language of industry, I’d certainly recommend Mandarin. They���������re going to create great opportunities for your children in the future”… “Parents who really want to give their children an edge in the global economy should be clamouring for Mandarin immersion.” – Mr. Emery Dosdall, former British Columbia deputy education minister who now heads a new provincial government office charged with improving relations between BC and Asia-Pacific countries